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Creamcol brings a new way to enjoy alcohol. We have developed a technology protected by strong patents that allows you to take alcoholic beverages and turn them into delicious alcoholic creams that come in different percentages of alcohol, in different textures and are suitable for eating with a spoon to upgrade existing products.

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Growing and producing mushroom mycelium to be used in hybrid meat products. Feeding people with a natural, sustainable, vegan protein and helping in reducing animal products without compromising.



Predicting shelf life of fruits and vegetables



MGT BIO, comprehensive solutions that combine hardware, software, process engineering and AI.
MGT-Bio develops a production line to support the full commercialization of the company’s products by scaling up lab-scale or pilot-scale production lines.


AseptoRay has developed a proprietary cold pasteurization platform based on UV light technology. Our solution revolutionizes the way in which liquid and beverages are pasteurized and offers an alternative to traditional and High-Pressure Processing (HPP) methods. AseptoRay’s Light filtration technology, eliminates bacteria yeast, and molds in liquids with continuous non thermal treatment.

ProFuse Technology

Profios develops technology to reduce the cost and improve the quality of cultured meat. Profios has developed a supplement to the growing medium of cultured meat which accelerates the rate of production and improves its taste properties and nutritional values. Propios technology is based on research conducted at the Weizmann Institute on the mechanisms of body muscle formation

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Yemoja Ltd.

Yemoja specializes in the production of natural and sustainable bioactive ingredients from microalga. We disrupt the old cultivation standards by offering an unrivalled patented technological platform that controls any specie of microalgae, to serve the world’s Food (alternative proteins) and Healthcare Industries, with sustainable, clean and high-value products and applications.



Verstill is a Spirits-As-A-Service Creation Platform that helps brands craft exceptional signature spirit experiences in weeks not years



BioBetter Ltd. has developed a groundbreaking, cost-effective, protein expression plant-based platform to produce complex growth factors for use in cultivated meat. Our disruptive technology overcomes the limitations of traditional methods and places the cost of growth factor production at <1$/gram. By using tobacco plants grown in open fields as self-sustained, renewable energy-driven “bioreactors”, combined with a novel purification method, our technology enables unparalleled production scale of complex proteins.


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SOLVEAT was founded to revolutionize everyday foods by targeting them to high impact medical conditions.
SOLVEAT is introducing the “next generation” of functional food, utilizing a technological platform for a delicious integration of proprietary and active herbal compositions into foods, applying the highest scientific, clinical and quality standards.

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Increasing the sweetness of sugar 10 times to 100 times in fatty matrices. Designed for diabetics, ketogenic and anyone who wants to reduce sugar without giving up natural sweet. Sugar free.


Energy management in industry